Album Artwork for "Slow Songs of the Future" | Photograph of Musician / Composer  JONAH SUN

Album Artwork for "Slow Songs of the Future" | Photograph of Musician / Composer JONAH SUN


Formally trained, Meghan earned her Bachelor's of Arts in Film, Television, and Media Studies from California State University, Los Angeles, as well as her Master's of Fine Arts in Art for Commerce Photography at The Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Meghan’s film and television studies were focused in character study, direction, mise-en-scene, large-scale production, and cinematography. Meghan's Master's of Fine Arts photography studies taught her studio and location lighting techniques, commercial retouching techniques, as well as directing subjects for commercial results.

Meghan worked on the global photography operations team at Airbnb, as a Photo Editor for Airbnb Plus. Meghan worked with Airbnb’s global photographer community to ensure Airbnb Plus's listing photography submissions where aligned with brand standards, and offered technical guidance to photographers during the submission process.

Also, while at Airbnb, Meghan had the unique opportunity to propose and conduct a sustainability research project. Through Meghan's research, she designed a set of sustainable criteria to filter homes for guest search on the platform. This research led her to Taos, NM where she met and interviewed sustainable hosts, and experienced some of the most uniquely sustainable homes on Earth. Findings from this project were utilized by members of Airbnb's Public Policy Team, the Sustainability Advisory Board, as well as the Categorization Team.

Meghan is currently living in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, and she is loving working with clients to help them achieve their dreams with outstanding photography. Meghan still seeks to support sustainable initiatives.